Our Tuition Plan…

First Quarter:       $300.00

Second Quarter:  $300.00

Third Quarter:      $300.00

Students are required to make a payment of $150.00 on the first day of classes for each of the three Quarters.

The balance of the tuition is due at the end of the first course – four weeks after the beginning of each new Quarter.

An additional 10% late fee will be assessed to each student whose tuition billis over 4 weeks late.

Students who owe back tuition for more than 8 weeks will be dismissed from the school until the tuition is paid for in full.

There are a total of Six quarters (3 per year) total cost is $1800.00 ($900.00 per year)

Our Discounts and Incentives…

*Married students receive a 10% discount if enrolled at the same time.

*Attending Students paying a one time payment for the entire year receive a $50.00 deduction off their total tuition cost.  Any student who enrolls another enrolls another student will receive one course FREE as long as the new student completes at least one year.

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