Year Two

201 Ministerial Ethics: This course may challenge the student more than any other as we apply the moral standards of the Bible with today’s crumbling ethics both within and outside the church.

202 Leadership Goals: Servant Leadership is what Christ Displayed with His disciples and is the basis of application for these basic leadership principles as they relate to the church.

203 Pastoral Theology: All believers are called to help pastor the flock inasmuch as God has called each of us to help nurture and raise up others around us according to the model of parenthood.

204 Church Planting:  For many of our students they may either plant a church or help plant a church.  This course is a basic overview of how to get the job done, working as close to the Biblical model as possible.

205 Church Administration: This course helps lay out a strategy for administrating a church using the book of Acts as a model for what the contemporary church should look like.

206 Bible Study Methods: This course will teach the student several approaches to the Bible with an aim of helping them organize the material for teaching and/or preaching.

207 Teaching and Preaching: This course builds upon the previous class by helping the student sharpen their skills in communicating effectively the Word of God in a public forum.

208 Biblical Counseling: This class helps the student understand some foundational counseling skills that take into consideration the whole man, body soul and spirit, with respect to the regenerating power of the Holy Spirit.

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